Rafael - a representative of Renaissance painting

Rafael - a representative of Renaissance painting.

Raphael was actually Raffaelo Santi. This great Italian architect and painter is the most outstanding representative of the Renaissance. Raffaelo Santi was born in 1483 in the Duchy of Urbino. His father taught him his first lessons in painting, Giovanni Santi. His next teacher was Pietro di Cristoforo Vannucci, better known as Perugino. Rafael became famous, among other things, as an author 50 images of subtly painted Madonnas. Among them is the "Sistine Madonna", "Madonna with a goldfinch", "Madonna and Child". Rafael died in a year 1520.

Rafael painted more than just Madonnas. He is one of the great masters of Renaissance portrait painting. Among the portraits created by him, the portrait of "Baldassare Cagstiglione" deserves attention., which he painted about a year 1515. He also painted many portraits depicting Prince Urbino. He is an incomparable master of monumental wall compositions. They were created, inter alia, on the order of Pope Julius II. At his request, he decorated small rooms in the pope's private apartments with frescoes. freshness, which were created in Stanza della Segnatura are considered to be among the most outstanding works, that Raphael created. Rafael worked on them for three years, for a year 1508 to year 1511. They are among them: "Apotheosis of the Eucharist", "Athens School", "Justice".

In the memory of posterity, Rafael went down above all as a painter, author of the aforementioned Madonnas. But he has also done great deeds as an architect. According to his plans, the Roman church of S.. Eligio degli Orefici and the Florentine Pandolfini Palace and the Madama Villa. In year 1515 he was appointed a restorer of ancient monuments in Rome. After the death of w 1514 In the year of Bramante, he was entrusted with the work in the newly built Saint Peter's Basilica in Rome. He managed the work on the construction of the basilica for a year 1520.

From the brush of Raphael not only came out 50 Madonnas and frescoes in the representative papal apartments. He also painted portraits of Pope Leo X who sat on the Holy See. Between a year 1515 a 1518 painted the picture "Pope Leo X with nepots", in year 1518 "Pope Leo X with cardinals Giulio Medici and Luigi Rossi". Apart from the Madonnas, he also painted other religious paintings. Among them are painted for a year 1511 to year 1514 paintings "The Miracle of the Mass in Bolsano" and "The Relief of Saint Peter".

In recent years, there has been a change of style in Raphael's painting. Instead of harmonious works of classical beauty, he began to create images in the mannerist style. An example of a new style is the painting "The Transfiguration on Mount Tabor", who has been painting for a year 1517 do 1520. The "Madonna della Rosa" also comes from the latter period., "Holy Family with Saint Elizabeth and little Saint John" and painted in the year 1518 "Self-portrait with a friend". In the declining period of his life and creativity, he had so many orders, that he was only doing the project himself, and the final execution of the order was handled by one of his students. The artist died of fever with just 37 years.