Carbon acid-resistant tiles (carpets) for tanks

Carbon acid-resistant tiles (carpets) for chemical tanks and acid-resistant fittings. They are made of amorphous carbon. They have high mechanical strength, resistance to temperature changes and chemical resistance: to acids, including hydrofluoric acid, salts and their solutions (as long as there is no oxidizing effect) and alkaline solutions, even with a high concentration of them; thermal conductivity can be regulated within certain limits according to the needs of investors. Thanks to these advantages, the value of acid-resistant tiles exceeds the value of lead lining. Tile weight approx 2,5 kg. Dimensions: 200 X 200 X 40 or 50 mm. The shape of the tiles may be adapted by the manufacturer to the shape and size of the installed tanks or devices (e.g.. trapezoidal tiles, cylindrical); the thickness of the plates can be any, within the limits of 10 do 60 mm. In industrial construction, tiles are used in the construction of pickling plants, metal rolling mills, wire strings and sulfite cookers. Apart from tiles, acid-resistant fittings are also produced (pipes of length vi - 1.5 rm, valves etc.) and carbite, used for lining chemical reactors.