Application of plaster

img14 (13)Building gypsum is used (with a tendency to extend the application very seriously): a) for interior plastering,
b) for masonry mortars (gypsum coatings and lime-gypsum coatings Gypsum coatings on milk of lime, etc.. Delay expeditions),
c) for gypsum concrete working in dry conditions,
d) for the production of prefabricated building elements,gypsum boards, stablatur, stucco, stucco work and performing stucco and model works.
Plaster consumption per 1 m3 of casting is at the water-gypsum ratio 0,6 about 950 kg. To be prepared (earn) regular gypsum cabbage is about 40-60% water, and for porous plaster for partition walls - to 100% of water in relation to the weight of the gypsum.

A lime-gypsum mortar with a volume ratio of lime dough to sand is used 1:3 with addition 150 kg of masonry plaster per 1 m3 of mortar. The strength of the lime-gypsum mortar is greater than that of the lime mortar. Lime-gypsum mortar combines easily with wood and reeds and therefore it is used for expeditions. Building gypsum is packed in triple paper bags. It should be transported in conditions that protect against the effects of moisture. On warehouses and construction sites, it should be stored in dry and roofed places, just like cement. For longer storage (period over 6 months) the plaster must be subjected to a strength test before use.