Bituminous fabrics

img12 (16)Bituminous fabrics. Synonyms: million bitumowana, million impregnowana. They are hemp fabrics, linen, jute etc., saturated and coated on both sides with asphalt mass and sprinkled with fine or fine talcum powder. Another mineral powder can be used as a sprinkle. It is produced in the country 4 grades of bituminous jute, on both sides sprinkled with talcum powder, with a softening point of the coating 67/70 ° P. K., made of jute H 350/102, namely: thick 3 mm, do 2,8 mm, 2,7 mm and 2,5 mm. Bituminous fabrics are used for damp insulation with curves having numerous bends and depressions on the surface. They are also used for laying steel water pipes and other pipes in trenches and for electrical works. (laying cables and cable joints). It is particularly important to use bitumen fabrics sparingly. They are an expensive material, produced in limited quantities, hence, it should also be used only for these works, where they are technically necessary.