Bonding polyvinyl chloride

Plastics that are soluble in organic solvents are the easiest to stick to, that is, celluloid, polystyrene and polymethyl methacrylate. It is enough to wet the glued places with a suitable solvent, and after finding, that it started to dissolve on the surface of the material, press the glued places together and leave for a few hours. Better results are obtained, using for gluing thin adhesives obtained by dissolving the same material in a solvent.

Bonding polyvinyl chloride. This material is difficult to stick. The glue can be made, by dissolving a small amount of PVC film in a solvent, composed of 70% cyclohexanone and 30% toluene, however, not all PVC grades are equally soluble. Because cyclohexanone is a reagent that is rather hard to find for the average amateur, better to use commercially available PVC / AT or PVC / CH adhesives. Surfaces intended for bonding should be rubbed with sandpaper and degreased with gasoline, coat one of the glued surfaces with glue and press it down, leave under pressure for 20…30 min. However, the full strength of the joint is obtained only after a few days. It is recommended to use PVC / AT glue for hard PVC, to soft – PCW/CH.