Carbon carbolineum

Carbon carbolineum. Synonyms: anthracene oil, green oil. It is one of the end products of coal tar distillation. Chemically, it is a mixture of aromatic compounds: anthracenu, naphthalene, phenols and others. To improve the fungicidal power of carbolineum, its chlorination should be used. It is an oily liquid with a brown color, o o. o. 1,09—1,12, boiling point above 270 ° C. It is considered the most proven and durable preventive impregnation agent. Carbolineum is used as an impregnating agent for all types of wood, especially construction (elements of wood, working outside the building) to protect against rotting, rot and fungus. For work of a special nature (construction of a cold store, marine works), where wooden parts are constantly exposed to strong water, steam, or high temperature, the use of carbolineum is essential. Until recently, carbolineum was considered the only agent suitable for impregnating railway sleepers, telegraph poles, barracks, scaffolding wood etc.. Substitute impregnation agents are now used in these cases with good results (e.g.. the use of "Dinol” for impregnating railway sleepers, the consumption of carbolineum for this purpose was completely eliminated). Model cost estimate Masonry works, provides for the use of carbolineum to impregnate wooden blocks to fix the frames; wear on 1 pcs. 0,05 kg. The model cost estimate The carpentry works provide for the use of carbolineum for the lubrication of wood; wear on 1 m2 with single lubrication 0,4 kg, with double lubrication 0,75 kg, with triple lubrication 1,1 kg. The model cost estimate Water supply and sewage works provide for the use of carbolineum for execution,.basement or courtyard semi-clinker brick water meter wells; wear on 1 pcs. depending on the size of the pit and the size of the pit from 2,4 do 4 kg. For the construction of a concrete water meter pit, from ready-made elements, elliptical, on 1 well, depending on the dimensions 3,6 do 6 kg. Model cost estimate Sheet metal and roofing works – provides for the use of carbolineum when covering roofs with shingles, to lubricate the covering , roof with shingles; wear on 1 m2 with single lubrication - 0,6, twice 0,9 kg. Apart from the mentioned cases, carbolineum can be used; a) for impregnation of posts, bali, joists (wear 8 kg/m3), b) for wood impregnation in the construction of cooling towers (wear 20 kg/m3), . c) for the maintenance of fender beams of unloading platforms (0,75 kg / m2 with dual lubrication), d) for impregnation of railway sleepers, electrical poles, disputed wooden structures in batteries and transformer stations, barrack elements, drilling towers; suck ', fences etc.. Depending on the batch size, carbolineum is delivered in the supplier's tankers or the recipient's barrels.