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Inks for metals

enamelInks for metals – Inscriptions and drawings on metals can be made with oil enamel or "nitro" enamel, however getting sharp, czystych linii wymaga dużej

Metal carbonates

Metal carbonates. Carbonates, except for sodium, potassium, chromowego, aluminum and ferrous, can be made by adding any soluble salt of the metal in question to the solution – sodium carbonate solution until now, gdy następna dodana

Laboratory activities

Laboratory activitiesLaboratory activities
operations making it possible to obtain the desired substance in the purest possible state and in the form most convenient for a specific purpose.

The basic laboratory activities are:

leaving a precipitate to …


unions, which in aqueous solutions dissociate into hydrogen cations H + and anions of the acid residue. The aqueous solution is acidic, when the concentration of hydrogen ions is higher than the concentration of hydroxide ions OH-.…