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Building land

Building land

Construction land is all geological formations within the range of the influence of the loads of the erected structures or used for the construction of earth structures (e.g.. dams).

Depending on the physical properties and …

Electric batteries

Electric batteries are chemical direct current sources that can be played repeatedly, in the process of charging from another DC source, of consumed electricity resources; secondary cells. Electric accumulator batteries are used …

Other explosives

Chloranowe (chloratates and suplorchlorates). These are potassium chlorates, punishment, or ammonium. They are used similarly to ammonium nitrate materials. They are not suitable for use in deep arrowslits, są poza tym


img26EXPLOSIVES AND FLAMMERS. The properties of explosives are used to burst and break up rocks, land etc.. Własności te polegają na błyskawicznym przechodzeniu materiału wybuchowego stałego w stan gazu i