Climatic conditions during storage and transport

img29Climatic conditions during storage and transport

Climatic conditions during storage and transport. The chapter on the influence of various factors on corrosion shows the decisive influence of external conditions on the behavior of metals and their corrosion during storage and transport.. External conditions, which the preserved product is subject to during its storage, to a large extent depends on the climatic zone and the nature of the atmosphere in this zone. Metal products are susceptible to corrosion in tropical climates, especially if it is seaside. In addition to the climatic zone and the characteristic humidity associated with it, temperature and amount of precipitation should also take into account its other properties important from the point of view of atmospheric corrosion. These properties include the so-called. microclimate in the immediate vicinity of the stored products. For example, in temperate zones, with low humidity, there may be areas that create special unfavorable conditions for metal products. For example. the microclimate of Silesia has an extremely negative effect on the corrosion of stored metal products due to the high content of sulfur compounds in the air and high dustiness of the atmosphere.