Color analysis by Mona Lisa

Color analysis by Mona Lisa.

The most famous painting in the world is undoubtedly the Mona Lisa. A lot of studies have been written about this painting, analyzes that capture the subject matter in a variety of ways. Both when it comes to the technique of execution, history, color scheme, and even a psychological analysis, etc.. An interesting aspect of this painting is the colors used on it. It is certainly not a bright and optimistic picture. Colors considered dark and cold predominate here. Hence the play of midtones, tones, making, that the expression on the Mona Lisa's face is so mysterious and difficult to interpret. It proves it, that the master Leonardo da Vinci knew how to use colors perfectly, penumbra, using them to bring out intriguing halftones. That is why this portrait is so non-obvious, gives room for interpretation. It's a static image, portrait, however, the background itself is also intriguing. The author managed to achieve such an effect, that the mona lisa is always looking directly at the person, who is watching the portrait, regardless of the perspective from which the viewer admires the painting.