CONCO weights

img24 (8)Conco”. They contain asphalt, heavy oils of petroleum origin, resin substances with asbestos fiber and others. They are resistant to atmospheric influences as well as low and high temperatures, elastic, they do not crumble, they do not chip off; they are resistant to alkaline compounds and acids. They are used in construction in three types: „Conco” dense, semi-dense and sparse. The masses "Conco” applies to: 1) covering wooden and concrete roofs, 2) insulating underground and above-ground parts of buildings, 3) insulating terraces, 4) insulating walls and bottoms of water tanks (pools), 5) sealing of river and sea protection dikes against pressure water, 6) insulating parts of bridges, 7) insulation of tunnels, underground tanks, etc., 8) maintenance of roofs and repair of building elements, 9) roof insulation, 10) gutter repairs, downpipes etc..