Degreasing in gasoline

img29Degreasing in gasoline

Degreasing in gasoline. Gasoline and kerosene dissolve oils easily, while their ability to dissolve lubricants is limited. These solvents do not remove oil and water together from the metal surface, so they should not be used then, when the elements are both greasy and wet at the same time. Sweat from the hands, quenching salts, the residues of polishing pastes and some resin substances are not soluble in gasoline and kerosene. One of the greatest advantages of kerosene and gasoline is that it is easy to use, that after degreasing the elements it is not dried, but it preserves immediately. Do wad, in addition to the small scope of application, is the flammability of gasoline and the explosiveness of its vapors. In principle, gasoline should only be used to wipe the surfaces of precision machined products locally, e.g.. checks before preserving them. However, the use of gasoline in bathtubs as a solvent should be prohibited in all plants for health and safety reasons.