Drying with hot emulsions

img28Drying with hot emulsions

Drying with hot emulsions. It is a method, which is used in the mass production of metal products and has recently gained importance due to the introduction of non-ionic emulsifiers with a protective effect, The process is done this way, that wet metal surfaces, e.g.. after wet sandblasting, dives on 1 do 2 minutes for baths containing an emulsion of special rustproof oil in water. The bath should be at temperature 50 – 70°C. After taking them out of the bath, the products are dried on drying tables or with a stream of air. The preservative oil, containing a corrosion inhibitor, remains on their surface, protects the metal during drying and storage. Parts can be preserved for a long time, e.g.. with grease without additional operations. Drying by means of an emulsion has to be done in this way, that there are no corrosive substances to the bathtub; therefore it is advisable before submerging, rinsing parts in condensate if there is concern, that there are chlorides on the surface of the metal, carbonates etc.. corrosive salts.