Fluralsil in fungol

„Fluralsil”. It is an orange colored zinc fluorosilicate. It is sometimes used to impregnate wood and to remove molding wood elements in residential buildings. Substitute materials can be: zinc fluorosilicate, “Fungol”, dwunitrophenolan sodu, fluorek sodu, zinc chloride, „Nitrol” i „Pasta B”. Package: wooden barrels 250 kg. “Fungol” i „Fungol B”. It is a zinc fluorosilicate or brown sodium fluoride. It is in the form of salt, it is odorless, does not stain, dissolves in water. It is used as an aqueous solution 5% for painting the surface of the wood twice, within a few hours. It is used with higher humidity 10% water solution. “Fungol” it is basically an impregnant to protect items with little risk of fungus. It is used for timber from the first floor up (floor beams, plain and blind floors, impregnation of the floor ballast, etc.). When saturated twice with "Fungol” consumes approx 25 g soli. or 0,5 l of solution per 1 m2 of pine wood, not planed, air-dry. Package: paper bags 1 kg.