Gluing bakelite

bakeliteGluing bakelite. You cannot count on the high mechanical strength of the weld. The best results are obtained, using commercial BWF adhesives 21, BWF 41, bakelite glue L, and for gluing bakelite to metal an adhesive named: Glue no 1. Good results can also be obtained, using the popular Hermetikol for gluing bakelite, used to seal metal joints, sold in stores of the automotive and chemical industries. The glued surfaces should be as rough as possible, which can be obtained by rubbing them with coarse sandpaper. In order to stick, the surfaces should be covered with a thin layer of Hermetikol, press down and heat in temp. ok. 140° C by 2 h.

Popular Epidian glue 5 it has little adhesion to bakelite and its application does not give the expected results. However, it can be used to fill cracks, often found in bakelite housings of electrical measuring instruments. Because they are usually black, it is necessary to add black nitrocellulose varnish to the epidian, so that the weld is indistinguishable from the rest of the housing.