Alpine and maritime climate

pm523Alpine and maritime climate

Alpine and maritime climate. The high-mountain climate occurs in areas of different climatic zones at an altitude exceeding approx 1800 m npm. From this height to height 6000 m npm. It has the same features as a temperate climate. Above 6000 m npm. it is very close to the polar climate. The characteristic features of this climate are shown in Fig. 38 showing climate data for Quito, town in the tropical climate zone, On the height 2850 m npm. (Andy). Sea climate. This climate is very diverse and depends to a large extent on the geographic location and the activity of sea currents, winds, the presence of coasts, etc.. It is characterized primarily by a high content of sodium chloride spray aerosol, which is the main component of seawater, which is a corrosion stimulator. The maritime climate also occurs some distance inland. Some authors quote, that its influence goes back to 1000 m inland, The presence of the sea in each climatic zone favors corrosion processes, therefore, when considering the severity of corrosive factors for individual zones, this fact should be considered in the case of a location by the sea, as an additional factor increasing the aggressiveness of a given climate. In the case of considering the climatic conditions occurring during sea transport, the issue becomes even more complicated, when the ship sails through several climatic zones, several seas with different water temperatures, calling at ports located in different climatic zones. During the journey, the goods may be placed above or below the waterline, which fundamentally changes the climatic conditions in the ship's hold.