Preparation of fly tacks

Preparation of fly tacks. Many insecticides are recalled, which turned out to be harmful to humans and animals, sometimes it forces you to reach for this old measure. Here are three recipes:

• Stopić 50 g kalafonii, add 25 g terpentyny i 25 g of rapeseed oil. Mix.

• Stopić 25 g kalafonii, add 12 g of castor oil,
12 g glycerin and 35 g miodu. Mix.

• Stopić 45 g kalafonii, add 1 g of earth wax, 15 g of tallow, 25 g spindle oil i 13 g of rapeseed oil. Mix.

Warm one of the above mixtures on strips of paper (tracing paper is the best), covering them on both sides.