Flour cluster

Cluster made of rye or wheat flour. Make thick flour in cold water, pouring mass and, stirring constantly, pour a thin stream into boiling water until a sticky mass is obtained. To increase durability, add 2…3 cm3 formalin or a few cubic centimeters of an aluminum alum solution–potassium.

Potato flour bucket. 160 Grind g potato flour into 680 cm3 of cold water. Then add in a thin stream, constantly stirring, solution 15,6 g sodium hydroxide v 30 cm3 of water, until transparent, gelatinous mass. Keep stirring through 30 min, and still stirring, neutralize by dropwise addition 29 cm3 of nitric acid diluted in 25 cm3 of water to pH = 8. To increase durability, add 5 cm3 formaliny.