img14 (14)„Murosan”. It is a waterproof admixture in the form of white powder, containing fluorides and silicates of aluminum and sodium, used by dry sprinkling into cement mortar, semi-cement and lime and concrete. This preparation makes you resistant to water, to the action of acids, bases and ferments (internal plasters of production rooms, laboratories etc.). Wear: on 1 m3 of mortar or concrete 6 kg; on 1 m2 of plaster thickness 1 cm 0,06 kg. Opakowaniem są beczki lub worki. „Murosan B.”. The liquid diluted with water in proportion 1:5, 1:7, 1:9 and added to cement mortars (on 1 m3 of mortar approx 20 kg) before making them up. It has properties that accelerate the setting of the mortar. Application, packaging - like "Rapidol”.