Nitrocellulose varnish

img27Colorless nitrocellulose varnish (on wood). It is a nitrocellulose solution with possible addition of resins in appropriate solvents; contains plasticizers. It needs to be diluted before spraying 2 parts of the varnish on 1 part of the solvent. The sprayed layer should be at a temperature of 18-20 ° C and relative humidity 70%, po 0,5 at. dust-dry and after 24 at. it should be sandable. Three times sprayed varnish (taking into account the 3-hour. breaks between spraying) it should form a smooth film, flexible and durable, without pic, cracks or wrinkles and no stains. The varnish film should adhere well to the surface, the gloss should be full, the natural growth rings of the tree should be maintained. Nitrocellulose varnish is used only for interior work directly on wood, by spraying with a spraying apparatus and for wood products that are not exposed to the weather.