Pablo Picasso - „Guernica”

Pablo Picasso - „Guernica”.

One of the paintings painted by Pablo Picasso (living in years 1881 – 1973) there is a "Guernica" painted in a year 1937. Guernica is a city in the Basque Country of Spain. The city is known all over the world for actually only one episode of its history: during the civil war in Spain (patch 1936 – 1939) the city was bombed by German bombers cooperating with General Franco's troops. The event is, which happened 26 April 1936 year, it became an impulse for Pablo Picasso to create the painting "Guernica". For the first time, this picture, painted with oil, was shown to the general public at the international exhibition "Art and Technology" held in Paris.. The painting was placed in the pavilion of the Spanish Republic, accompanied by the painting "Montserrat" by Gonzalez. Today, Pablo Picasso's painting can be seen in the Reina Sofia Museum in Madrid. Copies of the painting were also hung in Guernice and in the United Nations headquarters in New York. The painting in the UN building was obscured for the period of the ongoing Gulf War. Previously, the painting was in the Museum of Modern Art in New York, according to Pablo Picasso's will, he returned to Spain in a year 1981.

Information about the bombing of Guernica spread very quickly throughout Spain. They also reached Pablo Picasso just as quickly, who decided to paint a picture as a symbolic tribute to the city's inhabitants and at the same time being his tribute to the victims of the bombing. The artist prepared his work by creating many sketches and drawings. A work was created, which is shockingly realistic, it is an expression of pain, protest against cruelty towards the city's civilians. In his work, Pablo Picasso took up the theme of the massacre.

The painter decided to paint his picture using only white, black and gray. In this way, he better captured the drama of the situation. There is a light bulb at the top of his composition, and beneath it a swarm of screaming people and animals. The image is very expressive and meaningful. The painting presented at the Paris exhibition shocked the viewers, its pronunciation made its way into the consciousness of thousands of people from all over the world, who began to protest against the brutal cruelty committed during the war. The painting was made on canvas, has dimensions 335,5 cm x 782,8 cm.

Presented to the world in 1937 year, the painting started a new period in the work of Pablo Picasso. This period fell on the years of World War II and was called the period of "crying women". The most famous painting from this period of the artist's work is the painting "Crying Woman", painted similarly, like "Guernica" in 1937 year. In all the paintings from this period, the artist portrayed women in despair. Dora Maar posed for the artist for the painting "Crying Woman", which during this period of the painter's life was emotionally connected with him. This painting is in the possession of the London Tate Gallery.