Paste oil paints

img22Paste oil paints. Properties: greasy consistency, no tendency to harden at room temperature for at least 6 months; miscible in any ratio with oil binders and solvents; no visible lumps after grinding on the glass plate. The colors: White, yellow, signal red, ultramaryna, paris blue, Gray, gray black, khaki. Paste oil paints are used for painting after spreading with colorless oil varnish, for mixing with paints for interior works and for the production of paints and oil enamels after mixing with the correct amount of oil binder and solvent. These paints can be stored for a longer period of time. They are brought to the working consistency with varnish or colorless oil varnish. Recipient's packaging or factory in cans 5 i 1 kg. Leek filler for tree (oil). It is a thick suspension of mineral and organic components in a resinous material (special) a qualified adhesive, in colors: colorless to dark brown or dark cherry. Suitable for spreading with a linen cloth. Po 20 at. drying at a temperature of 18-20 ° C, with normal air humidity, it can be dry sanded. It is used on wood, for sealing pores before covering with clear varnish, where it is important to highlight the natural rings of the tree. Oil primer under nitrocellulose enamels. It is a suspension of dyes in an oil binder prepared on a synthetic resin (phthalate), properly diluted and activated. It comes in color: white, gray, machine, red wagon, according to the color chart pattern. Properties: poor shine; suitable for brush work, the coating should not show visible brush marks; drying capacity - at a temperature of 18-22 ° C with normal air humidity 12 at, completely dry after 24 at; after spraying the dried paint on the ground with nitrocellulose enamel, the paint should not lift, bubbling etc.. faults; within 4 months, the sediment should break loose. The oil primer is used interlayer under the nitro, and also as a layer between oil and nitrocellulose paints and as the first layer on iron, which is to be covered with the combined painting technique (olejno-nitrocelulozową).