Image as an addition

Image as an addition.

Can a painting be an addition to the arrangement of our apartment?? Of course, which more and more Poles are aware of. As it turns out, in Polish homes, pictures are very often used for this role. Of course, they also have an artistic value, although in the case of cheaper counterparts it is rather a moot point. However, it is impossible to disagree with the thesis, that properly selected images can change even the most boring arrangement of a living room or bedroom. However, it is worth remembering, that their choice must depend on many factors. Contrary to appearances, not only the image itself is important, but also elements such as the frame or the specific size of the work. If we do not pay attention to these issues, the selected image may not be best suited to the specifics of our apartment, thereby causing, that we will not get the desired effect.

If we prefer classic interior arrangements, the pictures in the form of reproductions will turn out to be a bull's-eye for us. Such works are often a reference to iconic works from past eras, for example, the eighteenth or seventeenth century. In the case of historical painting, we can talk about very stylish pictures, which most often deal with serious topics. These types of images are often kept in dark color tones. I don't think anyone needs to be convinced of this, that the selected colors also affect their specific character. Paintings in dark colors will be a perfect complement to the living room, in which dark brown or black rules. You can also decide on a decor with the use of contrast - depending on our individual preferences. Certainly, lovers of classic interior design will quickly find appropriate proposals for themselves, guided by your individual preferences for art.

However, if someone prefers more modern interior designs, he should go ahead and opt for more abstract images. Have to admit, that such works enjoy great interest among contemporary art amateurs. They are often distinguished by original colors, which is their hallmark. Some artists love to experiment with colors, composing interesting color combinations. These types of paintings present the artistic vision of given painters, who are often guided in creating works by their own subconscious. It is impossible to hide, that the compositions created precisely through the subconscious stream enjoy well-deserved recognition among critics. Certainly, such original paintings will fit perfectly into the interior, which are kept in a modern style.

Properly selected image will make, that the room will take on a completely different character. It's worth pointing out, that sometimes with the help of a painting you can change even an extremely boring and predictable arrangement. However, it all depends on this, Will we be able to properly match a specific image to the current character of our living room or bedroom, also guided by color considerations.