Slag wool

Slag wool and products. Product names: slag wool, slag wool insulation cords, slag wool slabs braided wire mesh, cassettes “Teklit” from slag wool. Slag wool consists of thin, glassy, brittle threads of white color, obtained by blowing with steam or compressed air liquid lava from highly acid blast furnace slags, boiler or materials with a similar chemical composition. The insulation industry produces three commercial grades of slag wool, namely: „00″, „0″, „1″ This industry does not cover, unfortunately, the entire construction demand for wool on a national scale; Therefore, an urgent task seems to be the expansion of production in this section and the elimination of the bottleneck that is burdensome for the construction industry”. Slag wool is widely used in residential and industrial construction as insulation at low and high temperatures, for thermal and acoustic insulation of ceilings, walls, air ducts, for the insulation of boilers, tanks and installation devices (pipelines etc.). Because it can be damaged in contact with water, even though it is not hygroscopic, it should be used in dry places.