Surface oil paints

img21Oil surface paints “14″ (on a polypoint). They are a suspension of dyes and weights in a binder activated by polyphenol. They provide a coating with a characteristic semi-gloss. The flow is similar to the behavior of enamel. Complete drying at a temperature of 18-20 ° C with normal air humidity after 24 at, relative dryness, authorizing to apply the next layer with a brush - after 14 at. The flexibility is tested by bending the painted sheet by 180 ° about the thickness of the bar 0,5 cm. Within 3 months, the sediment should break loose. The colors:'white, Ivory, creamy, light gray, gray medium, gray machine, black, light and medium yellow, orange, red and signal red, cherry, red wagon, blue, grenade, nuts: bright, medium and dark, mahogany, brown, light green and sea green, juicy dark and olive green, khaki’ Farby powierzchniowe „14″ is used for external wood painting, iron and plaster as the last layer for the oil base, where enamel-specific shine is not needed. Oil paints “13″ (surface) very protective for the first painting. They are a suspension of dye and sinker in diluted linen swath. Properties: color according to a set pattern, mating first, gloss appropriate for oil paint, consistency to work with a brush, flow - permissible visibility of traces of a brush stroke, drying at the temperature of 18-22 ° C and normal air humidity 14 at. (for black - after 16 at). It dries completely after 36 at. Within. 4 months from the date of manufacture of the paint, the sediment should be able to mix. Apply on iron, for painting objects exposed to permanent weather conditions and humidity. It is applied over the mini ultra-protective paint as a middle layer, which in turn will be covered with the next layer of the surface (look down). Gray highly protective oil paint to another (surface) painting. Properties: as for surface oil paints “14″. It is used as a top coat on iron, primed with mini paint and painted with gray protective paint for the first painting (as a middle layer).