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Glass glue

Art glassGlass glue, replacing the Canadian balm.
20 g very light rosin dissolve in 100 cm3 of toluene or xylene in a tightly closed vessel, shaking frequently. Dissolving …

Heating in a test tube

Heating in a test tube. The liquid heated in the test tube will not overflow, if an obliquely held test tube is heated just below the surface of the liquid and simultaneously shaken. The height of the liquid column should not exceed 4 cm. …

Storage of solids

Storage of solids. In the absence of jars with ground corks, solids are well preserved in twist-off jars. If the Teflon or polyethylene coating of the inner surface of the nut is damaged, wystarczy podłożyć dodatkowo

Cutting tubes and bottles

Cutting glass tubes and rods. Use the edge of a sharp file to make a scratch in the desired place and separate the two parts with a breaking and stretching movement. If the tube does not break with light pressure, deepen the scratch. Metodą tą

Glass putty

Window kit. Make a slime chalk with varnish by weight 10:1 and knead in your hands, until a pasty mass is obtained. Store under water. Hardening time – several days.

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Glass matting

Glass matting.
Even dulling of larger glass surfaces is only possible with gaseous hydrogen fluoride, which is impossible at home. Matowanie niewielkich płytek szklanych oraz wytrawianie matowych rysunków i napisów