The most famous works of Van Gogh

The most famous works of Van Gogh.

Vincent Van Gogh is one of the artists, who have entered the history of world art for good, and what's more, they took a particularly high place in it. This painter, classified as a post-impressionist or a precursor of expressionism, was undoubtedly a very mysterious and extraordinary figure.. The revelations about his alleged mental illness seem to attract viewers' interest, just like moral scandals, which the artist was to be a participant. As a creative creator, Van Gogh expressed himself primarily through his paintings and it is through their prism that he should be remembered. Members of European culture are certainly able to associate several key representations, which were born in this painter's imagination and were rendered on canvas by him. All these realizations are characterized by great clarity, based primarily on the contrasting combination of colors and the irregular method of applying the dye.


There is not one painting under the name of Sunflowers, as is commonly believed. A vision depicting a bouquet of these flowers, placed in a vase standing against the wall, this is only one of a series of eleven paintings. The sunflower itself, as an ornamental flower it was very popular at the end of the 19th century, also as part of a still life, willingly portrayed by painters. Van Gogh might have come across the sunflower motif while studying the painting craft. He painted his series with this in mind, that these paintings would decorate the interior of his painting studio.


Van Gogh has made many self-portraits, the most famous of which are those painted with the impressionist technique, showing the artist in his prime, with stubble and those, which depict him with a bandaged ear. Especially these performances of the second type attract the viewers' attention, Due to the, that they perpetuate the stories of the accident, what he met the painter. There are different versions of this story, one talks about it, that cutting off the ear was an act of self-mutilation by Van Gogh, another - that the artist lost his ear during a duel with Paul Gauguin. It is these kinds of arguments that keep the legend alive, that Van Gogh may have struggled with serious mental problems.

Starry night

Decorated in night colors, troubled lines dominated, the painting Starry Night is a very hypnotic vision. Such an effect is probably caused by the spiral twisting of the sky space, which because of this procedure seems to be undulating and constantly in motion. Also dark, slender cypress inscribed in this landscape, he seems restless and trembling.