Waterproof varnish

img26Colorless water-resistant oil varnish. It is a resin-oil alloy based on modified phenolic resin and linseed and tung oils, diluted to the required consistency and activated. At a temperature of 18-22 ° C. with normal air humidity, it dries after 24 at. It can be easily spread with a brush without drying out when painting and after diluting it can be used for spraying. Acid number at most 18. Color no darker than 1/20 n. I w KI. The coating dries hard, it is shiny, it is particularly resistant to water and soda. Waterproof varnish is used on wood and iron as the last top coat, protecting from water, for paints subjected to long-term exposure to water. Colorless oil varnish for radiators. It is an alloy made on esterified natural resins (copal or rosin) and on linseed and tung oils, properly diluted and activated. It dries at a temperature of 18-22 ° C and with normal humidity after 24 at. Can be spread with a brush without drying out during painting and after diluting it can be used for spraying. Po 24 at. at a temperature of 120 ° C, the painting should not be. show any cracks or chipping of the coating. Acid number at most 20. Color no darker than 1/20 n. I. w KI. Only slight turbidity allowed. It is used for painting c installations. The. as a top layer, resistant to the temperature of 80 ° C or to be mixed with dry paints to be used for painting radiators (a binder for bronzes and other dyes). Bronze tincture resistant to temperature(fireproof). It is an alloy of esterified natural resin and linseed oil, properly diluted and activated. Dries in 10 at. in room temperature; withstands temperatures up to 100 ° C; acid number at most 10; yellow color. It is used mixed with aluminum bronze to paint radiators or objects c. The. exposed to temperatures up to 80 ° C.