Waterproofing measures

img26 (4)Waterproofing measures are foundations protection materials, walls (made of stone and wood) and plaster from the influence of moisture (water penetration).
These measures include:
1) coating agents: paraffin, asphalt, mortars on water glass, sodium fluorosilicate and silica (SiO2);
2) surface impregnating agents: water glass, gray soap along with an alum solution, a spirit solution of gray soap, fluosilicic acid salt solutions (fluaty);
3) Water-tight admixtures added to mortars or concretes that are not porous or have little pores: stone dust, clay and loam, hard aggregates, tuf (after) volcanic, against seawater, slaked lime, gray soap with the addition of alum, paraffin, protein compounds, fluorine compounds, aluminum and silicon and various patent preparations, predominantly containing fatty acid salts, grey soap, asphalt, tar and colloidal thickening solutions.