The weight of Szkłowski silver and Vernon

img26The weight of Szkłowski silver and Vernon

The weight of Szkłowski silver and Vernon. The increase in the weight of silver in the containing atmosphere marked by Szkłowski 5% hydrogen sulfide at relative humidity 80 fe 90% is 0,000208 g / cm2 within 60 days Although, that this increase is insignificant, the change in the appearance of the silver surface is very significant in a short period of time. Silver corrosion products, which are dark in color, are easily visible on its surface, thus disqualifying the product due to its unsightly appearance, or on electrical properties, (reducing the conductivity of the Ag layer). These properties change strongly in the presence of a non-metallic layer on the silver surface (oxides, sulfides). Szkłowski's research concerned high concentrations of hydrogen sulphide, while Vernon dealt with the corrosion of silver in an atmosphere containing hydrogen sulphide at concentrations 1 : 35 000 000. Studies on the corrosion of silver in natural and artificial atmospheres have shown, that the cause of the darkening of silver is hydrogen sulfide in the atmosphere. A small concentration of this compound causes the appearance of dark corrosion products on the silver surface, especially in an atmosphere with high relative humidity. These products have different colors depending on the thickness of the yellow to black layer. Silver corrosion can be prevented by selecting appropriate alloys, e.g.. alloys with beryllium or tin, or by applying protective coatings. Coatings obtained by oxidation of silver in chromate baths are used to protect silver against corrosion; application of rhodium galvanic coating or mineral oil.