img15 (9)Fluaty. Fluorosilicic acid salt solutions (lead fluorosilicate, magnesium, gl;not, zinc, copper, chromium), in the form of colorless or colored liquids. They are used for surface coating (fluoridation) stone, concrete, limestone expeditions, cement plasters, cladding boards, cement brick facades and others, in order to fix and protect the surface against moisture, maintain the gloss on smooth surfaces, sealing por, thereby increasing the strength of the materials. Fluating requires lubricating the surface several times at intervals of several or several hours. Consumption - approx 1 kg to cover the area of ​​4-6 m2. Depending on the chemical composition, there are fluids with the names C Nr 1, C Nr 2, K, D (the latter is used to impregnate the wood, acting simultaneously fungicidal). Opakowanie beczki lub balony szklane.