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Metal oxides

Metal oxidesMetal oxides. Obtained by calcining carbonates at a temperature above 800 ° C.

Aluminum oxides, chromium and iron can be obtained, precipitating from the salt solutions of these metals, by treatment with ammonia water, jelly-like hydroxides. …

Harmful substances

All chemicals should be treated as harmful to health. Particular caution should be exercised in relation to the so-called compounds. heavy metals, how: copper, lead, zinc, nickel, cobalt, mercury, chrome and others. …


liquid substances used in the preparation of solutions.

The most commonly used solvents are:

Ethyl alcohol C2H5OH – alcohol
colorless liquid. Temp. bp 78.5 ° C. Includes 96% alcohol. Combustible. Wax solvent, shellac varnishes.…

Asphalt varnish.

Asphalt varnish. When used for protective coverings, the preparation is as follows:

• foot 10 g asfaltu, 10 g kalafonii i 5 g beeswax or earth wax (cerezyna), cool down and still warm stop …